Friday, November 11, 2016

Tarkali/Malvan-Achare-Tondivali-Scuba-Vijaydurg-Ratnagiri-Aarrey-Ware-Ganapatipule-Jaygad-Velneshwar MSH-04 sea road trip

Planning phase:

Original plan was to have 5days trip spending each day in one destination. Here is detailed plan for 5days which we didn't make due to limited time.

Places to cover:
  • Day1:Start from Pune
Satara, Kolhapur
via Radhanagari NH179+NH116, Gaganbawda NH277, Amboli NH134+180 to Talere, Kankavli or Sawantwadi
Opt1: IMO: skip if no time.
Goa evening drinks and optional. ?
Anjuna/or in northen Goa region.
Vengurla - should go. red beach
stay@ Goa/Vengurla/Devgad
  • day2:Scuba - must do if haven't - 3hrs from Malvan beach
Tarkarli / Tsunami island. / Dolphin arc view - good to go - local tour
stay@ Tarkarli beach homestay/
  • Day3:Sindhudurg - take a day. Not worthy for time. To/from jetty and round to fort takes 3-4hrs day time from Malvan ferry. IMO: skip
Tondavali - Must visit
Vijaydurg fort - SH115 dead end. Ferry to Madban beach? bypass this if go SH04 . IMO: skip
Devgad = mithbumbari / Tarabumbari IMO: skip, dont know
Jaitapur bridge -
Purnagad - fort
stay@ Bhatye
  • Day4:Bhatye beach - Titanic point IMO: Go
Kurli beach
After Shirgav mangroves, Basni, Are. Take left via Arrey-Warrey road. Joins SH04 later.
Aare-warre beach IMO: Go
2-3 resorts and enter in Ganapati-Pule
Ganpati pule -
stay@ Ganapati-Pule/ Jaigad
  • day5:Malgund beach - lot of resorts nearby
Anamik beach,Kachare - lonely. near JSW plant.
Jaigad fort
For ferry ref: to Vijaygad by ferry/ to Tavasal Jetty SH04 cross Jaigad river ===> take exit via NH105 to Sawarde -> Chiploon --> Koyananagar. -> Patan -> Umbraj , Satara.

Its typical to see actual execution differs from planning. Same happened in our case. Time was limiting factor as one of us had to join office on 8th.

  • Manoj - Main driver
  • Anoj (its not typo of Anuj :P) - Adviser
  • Mahen (blog writer) - Navigator and technical. 2nd driver.
You will notice Anoj is part of Manoj but don't get confused with names, they are fairly opposite.

05th to 07th Nov'2016 . Just after Diwali.


  • Pune to Malvan: via Satara, bypass Kolhapur, Kagal, Radhanagari, Kankavli, Achare.
  • Malvan to Pune: Tarkali/Malvan-Achare-Tondivali-Vijaydurg-Ratnagiri-Aarrey-Ware-Ganapatipule-Jaigad-Velneshwar-Kaynanagar-Patan-Umbraj-Satara.

Note: Google map Route

Google acts weird sometimes, it doesn't allow to show road joining from Dajipur/Radhanagari to Phondaghat. May be becasue, its reservered area and is open in specific day hours for travelers. Gaganbawda-Vaibhavwadi is another route. FYI: Both routes are more or less bad to drive but scene if you go in rains.,+Maharashtra/Kagal,+Maharashtra/Radhanagari,+Maharashtra/16.3379053,73.8880724/16.3581839,73.8285079/Malvan,+Maharashtra/@16.4019811,73.5374229,9z/data=!4m43!4m42!1m5!1m1!1s0x3bc2bf2e67461101:0x828d43bf9d9ee343!2m2!1d73.8567437!2d18.5204303!1m5!1m1!1s0x3bc0fbe3ea86aacf:0xed8af5a130723d95!2m2!1d74.3099863!2d16.5884342!1m5!1m1!1s0x3bc044eec90c1d15:0x8490ce131b11435!2m2!1d73.9976946!2d16.4151164!1m15!3m4!1m2!1d73.8656074!2d16.3509818!3s0x3bc040c00694ad47:0x778e342ef907103c!3m4!1m2!1d73.8637817!2d16.3837853!3s0x3bc0474810886c1f:0x51c6bc2beeb2c52e!3m4!1m2!1d73.8614381!2d16.3880418!3s0x3bc04746ba399d2f:0xd03c24cebe15b3c0!1m0!1m5!1m1!1s0x3bc01d5bb3176f0d:0x7400dce0b3eaa2aa!2m2!1d73.471054!2d16.0630693!3e0

Refer google maps for details.

Bag packing?

I always prefer to start bag packing early so I can keep adding stuff which I might forgot. Well, that doesn't stop me from forgetting things ;)
Must carry:

  • - Water bottle: 2 liter per head. So, you dont have to buy so called "packaged drinking water"
  • - Enough clothing: 4 shorts, 2 3/4th ie larger short, T-shirts, casuals, innerwares, etc.
  • - Shoes if planning to trek. Floaters/sleeper is good in sands.
  • - Towel, hankies. Hotels usually provide towel but better keep your own.
  • - Swimming goggles, cap, costume short. Sea water is salty and cause eye irritations. Better be prepared.
  • - Sun goggles, thin cloth for humid and sunny weather. Konkan is mostly humid.
  • - Warn cloths- Jacket or sweater is good. Other side of mountains is pretty cold. (optional)
  • - Hat/cap (optional)
  • - Camera (optional)
  • - Mobile and mobile fast charger (optional Joking, its mandatory these days. ;) )
  • - Navigation system. Dedicated or app on mobile is OK.
  • - enough cash
  • - suns cream. If you have very sensitive skin, better stay home :P 

However, in packing i forgot to take: waterproof camera from one of my friend, goggles (it was all sunny in route) and water bottles.

Tools and navigation?

Its always better to have reliable navigation system with below features:
  1. Offline maps functionality - No range in many parts of route
  2. Route finding and voice announcement in route
  3. Less power usage
  4. with GPS but without network need.
  5. No need of real time traffic like google maps. Sometimes its hard to find a single vehicle on road.

I had this wonderful tool called HERE maps which I have been using since few years. 
Android app:
You may find similar apps for iPhone or other OS. Better have good battery life and charger. This thing really saved lot of time and energy for us during traveling. Which turn to take right or left and after how much distance. :) . It worked like charm!

Let's get to trip execution. Manoj was ready to drive his Fiat Punto for long drive. Let me clarify, he alone wanted to drive the whole trip, which he indeed did with all fatigue he had got in driving. Believe me, even hired driver would have taken some extra rest. Other two of us enjoyed the route and scenery :) !

Monday, March 2, 2015

Wonderful trip to Malvan-Tarkarli-Devbaug

We had 3days family trip (wife and 3 year old daughter) from Pune to Tarkarli by car. It was great time and memorable outing. Here is details of how to?, when?, where? 

26th January'15 Thursday to 1st March'15 Sunday.

How to reach?
We started on 26th early morning 5am from Pune. Took Mumbai-Banglore express way. Reached Kolhapur via Satara-Karad around 9am. Decided to go for Mahalaxmi temple for blessings. It was quick 1hr trip to find temple and parking. I took one of wrong turn and it added another 20min more to reach temple. There are multiple ways to reach Malvan from Kolhapur. 
1. Gaganbawda, 
2. Radhanagar-Phonda 
3. Sawantwadi 

I preferred 1. Gaganbawada as it's scenic route and famous ghat. Road from Kolhapur till 20km is not good. It's Ok type, once can go with 40-50 km/hr speed. After that, patch of 20-30km is good. Ghat area is ok type. Be careful of rock/land slide if you are going in rainy season. via Rangala-Gaganbawada-Vaibhavwadi-Kankawli-Malwan is good start.

You will joing NH17 at small joint called Tarele. Take left on highway and go to Kasal via Nandgav, Kankawli. Reach Malwan ST bus stand via Kudal-Malvan road. It's good road for konkan city. 

Where to stay?
We checked for multiple home stay on the spot. I had not booked place to stay in advance as I wasn't aware of quality being offered and off-season availability wouldn't be problem. 
Here are some of resort/home stay names and rates:
Chintamani - near MTDC - rate 1000/- Nice rooms on 1st flor but no private beach. 
Gajanan - Nice resort - rate 1500/- Nice view from room and good rooms. They had booking full. We wanted to for 3 days but they had only 2 days availability.
Visawa - Nice location. 1000/- but was already full.
Soham - Nice location, on private beach and large play area. 1000/- . We stayed here.
If you want MTDC, please book 2-3 months in advance. You can still go to MTDC canteen for food. Food is awesome here. 

What to do and when?
day 1 :
1. Dolphin school: Feb-March is odd season to find Dolphins. However, we were lucky to find them. They weren't so close but found schools of Dolphins. It's suggested to go early in morning around 7-8pm for Dolphin sites. Guy took us to Devbaug. Took a boat from small jetty and got us to Karli river creak joint. One can see different color of water in Arabian sea and Karli river. Dolphins likes to hunt river water fish and come to eat them at river delta. They hunt in group so you often see school of Dolphins at a time. Smaller the Dolphin, they will jump higher. We couldn't catch pic of them but got few in video shoots. 

2. Tsunami Island:
It's place for all water sport rides like banana ride, sofa ride, speed boat, jet scooter, para gliding and swimming. Place is in low tide zone formed after Tsunami. 
We had nice time swimming around. My daughter enjoyed the place, saw crabs, sand forts. Little one wanted to swim in sea. Well, she raise question, who put all salt in this water? It tastes salty! 

day 2:
3. Scuba:
You need to reach at Malvan jetty beach area to catch Scuba guys. Charges are normally season based. Guy told us 1500/- for cylinder dive, 1200/- for commercial (with long underwater pipe). We bargained same easily for 1200/- and 800/- . If you stick there for a while, they could agree to reduce another 100/-. We got video shoot and photo included in deal. 
You don't need to know swimming, just don't fear water. You will get a guide who will take your hand and show underwater world. You will see all those colorful fishes - yellow, stripe, black, bluish. Just don't try to catch them in hands, you won't get them :P .
Age limit is 10years. Generally, snorkeling is not suggested as you might not see anything at that depth. Your ears will feel water pressure after going down to 20-30 feet. 

4. Sindhudurg fort:
Go to Malvan jetty. Take 50/- ticket to go by ferry. Boat guy will give you 1 hr to explore the fort. It's nice place memory of great Maratha king Chchatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. He had foresight to build such a strong and beautiful fort. 

5. Enjoy sea food wherever you are eating.

Where to eat?
I and my 3year old daughter  enjoyed sea food. Specially, king fish/Surmai and Prowns. 
- Hotel Chintamani - at Market road in Malvan. Near Naka on conjusted one way road. 
- Hotel OnlyFish - Near Malvan Jetty. They have lot of special sea food items like Prowns, Tisra, and variety of sea food. 
- MTDC resort - If you are home sick and want something in Panjabi/North Indian type. MTDC offers variety of food. They are best in area. Another advantage is, you get a table right on beach to eat food. It's awesome view, place and food and right fit to wallet.
- Ask locals to suggest good hotels. You 'll surely get good suggestions.

Look out for special made cashew shops in Malwan market area. There are plenty of local made brands and varieties. I got salted, masala and normal double drun roasted cashew. It's nice in taste. 
One can buy fish and carry it in thermocol box to preserve for few days. We didn't opted for it as I had enough of it in Malwan. 

On way back, we left Tarkarli at 8am Sunday. It had rained on Saturday evening. It was pretty odd for season to rain. Weather was beautiful to drive. Had breakfast break at Kankawli. We reached Kolhapur around 1pm. Moved straight ahead on Banglore-Mumbai highway. Had lunch at Sai internation fast food hotel. It's on other side of road. We reached Pune around 6pm.

Fuel : 3000/- WagonR petrol
Tolls: 600/- To and fro.
Food: 4000/- for 2 of us.
Stay: 3000/-
Scuba: 2000/-
Dolphins: 1000/-
Tsunami Island and watersport rides: 1000/-
Shopping cashew: 400/-

Total : 15000/- 

Few pics:

Scuba dive with cylinder on back

Scuba with commercial pipe to breath.

To Dolphin ride. Me and my cutie daughter

At Tsunami Island 

At Rock garden

At Rock garden sunset 

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Dhakoba Trek

Dec'2013, we visited infamous trekking destination call Dhakoba. Name is bit weird but its named to honor the god who use to reside on that mountain peak. History says, eventually, statue of God Dhakoba was needed to move below the mountain peak due to daily to-fro journey for priest was difficult to worship the statue. Now, the Dhakoba temple is below the peak and any local who goes on peak has to remove their footwares before climbing the peak. It's said to be very much local rule and is still being followed by local peoples. Informarion given by local person Mr Damu Supe.

We were 5 guys: Mahendra, Duster-Parsi, SK, Aamly, Bharat-bhushan (Names here are used encrypted to avoid implications with real life people but still they know they are well mentioned here)

Well, coming back to how to plan, how to find the way and other details follows next :

We started rather we planned to start from Pune at 5am morning (well there was delay in start time due to SK :P ) . We started on Nashik road by 5.30am. Quick morning run to Narayangaov till 7 am around. We took nice breakfast (Kanda-Pohe), masala tea at stall outside bus stand on highway. Make sure you have healthy & light breakfast. Do NOT eat too much else you might need an extra stop before or while climbing those steep mountain peaks. Well, one of us - Bharat-bhushan needed an emergency stop for late morning nature's call. Sometimes tea/cigar or good nature could make the call if you didn't had it properly at home :P .

Following are the essentials to be carried for trip:-

1.       Water Bottles – 3 Litres per person compulsory.

2.       Towels + Shorts + Shoes + Sunglasses – Personal choice.

3.       Camera  - Must have

4.       Cap – Must Have

5.       Pay 500 Rs per person to SK, upfront. All the expenses would be done from this fund. (Well, 70Rs was left over after dinner/tea/breakfast)

6.       Glucose – If required.

Here map route from Pune
We reached the base around 9am. Road from Junnar to Amboli 20 km patch is bad. It's under construction and will be ready in few days.

Park the vehicle near last mile-stone to village Amboli. If you notice there are two milestone at distance to 10meter. One indicating 21 km to reach Junnar while other have mark of 20km to Junnar. They got covered 1km in just 10 meter distance ;)

Walk straight as the rough footpath towards two mountains you see on left side. Note that, you won't see Dhakoba until you reach to almost 1/3 of the total trek. It's almost after 1 hour, you can see Dhakoba peak.

You have to follow footpaths on the way and guess your path. Safer way is to reach Dhakoba temple and them go to the peak.

We had small incidence with cattle group. One of us got the shouting sneeze! This disturbed the cattles. All of sudden, all of them charged on us. We were around 100meter away from them so it didn't create major problem. We kept out ground strong. It's important to NOT move around and run away. Bulls and cows kept staring at us from far. Place was rocky so cattle didn't dared to chase us down on rocky area. We took small way around to reach towards path. Eventually, Mr Damu Supe (We called him Supe mama or Supe uncle) saw us and recognized SK as he had visited the place twice before coming with us. Mama helped to make cattles go away. He also showed the path to Dhakoba peak and also joined us to come on the top.

You will see this lonely tree with its beautiful reflection is fighting for its place in pond :

Here are some pics we took at Dhakoba peak:

Beautiful view to mountains on center and right. You might see Harishchandragad if you are lucky to guess it properly and have clear weather. 

Water reservoirs on way down. This way is to climb the Dhakoba from Konkan side. Village Puli seen as base.

View towards fort Durg.

Comments welcome !

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Makarandgad Trek

Couple of weeks back, I visited the Fort Makarandgad.

We started the journey at 5.30 am from Pune. We were five guys in SUV so we had comfortable journey out from city. We preferred to bypass katraj ghat as ghat is shorter road and filled with morning rush of truck drivers struggling to push their vehicles in 30 degree slop.
By around 8am, we were near Nasarapur. Took a breakfast break at famous tappari hotel called "Shiram" . It was nice place to eat wada paav, misal and poha. We billed around 170/- for 5 guys. Place is pretty much crowded morning commuters. We left the place after our tummies filled up and couple of guys also attended morning nature's call.

We moved fast since then to reach Hatlot village on time. We managed to reach at Hatlot by 10.30 am. Got the place to park vehicle near village school. Village have good road and on daily basis only 2 buses visit the village and that's only to pick of students for school/college. Well, this also means that State Transport bus do NOT visit the village on Sunday so make sure you have transport before you plan your trek to this great fort.


View Larger Map

There is small foot path from base village Hatlot. Feel free to ask villagers about path if you are not sure.

Things to carry:
  1. raincoat / rain hat if visiting in rainy season
  2. Salt - NaCl This is good anti-agent for Leeches. Jungle is fully blood sucking Leeches. They are active after seeing heat around. It hard to notice them. Don't keep exposed body. Carry at least 100 gram of it.
  3. Full body covered cloths
  4. Water bottles
  5. Food item - Biscuits, light food, glucose. You may not get anything in Small village on top
  6. Pair of cloths. 
  7. Good Trekking Shoes
  8. Medicines if you have any known medical problem
  9. Knee caps if issue with knee pain.

Jungle is said to have Raan dukkars who tend to attack people. Keep making noise as you move. Always, keep moving as leeches will catch your feet if you stop for break.

Enjoy the view to village and small temple while on climbing the route. There are couple small plateaus where you can take stop for rest and allow team to move together.

There is nice sweet water pond on fort where you can fill up your water storage. Ghonaspur is small village have bare electricity supply and seasonal connectivity by road in summer. You can find families who can  provide lunch for a day. Enjoy the route, time and natural beauty.

Welcome comments for more details!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Relocation to do list

In last 1-2 years, i have got plenty of experience in relocating the home from various locations. Let's divide on type of relocation:
  1. Intra-city : Within city but changing area
  2. Inter-city / Intra-county: Changing the city but in same region/state
  3. Inter-county: Changing city, country and culture. You can call Oversea relocation.
Let's go in details on each type of relocation. I have indeed got experience of each of these.

First is Intra-city. This is not that difficult as it seems. Here is  items checklist here:
  1. Check new place where you are going to live. See that place is clean, locality is good to live. Most needed amenities are reachable distance. 
  2. Specially like a general store, dairy, shops, transport points, Bus stop or railway station availability, worst case late night travel availability and comfort.
  3. Make list of stuff you want to move and keep. Considering if you are leaving in rented place and it was furnished or semi furnished. You need to make sure your apartment owner won't raise issue for keeping empty flat unclean OR taking away extra stuff which do not belongs to you.
  4. Sizing: Measure large items like TV, Microwave, Bed, furniture, chairs, table, freeze to get exact size of transport you are looking for. You should be at conclusion if you need large truck, mini jeep, tempo kind of vehicle. Its sometimes affordable to have single small vehicle for longer duration and do couple of trips to transport stuff.
  5. Pay electricity, phone, internet, society, loundary bills  and ask for address change for utility bills. Most important is bank communications like debit card, credit card statements should be diverted to correct new address.
  6. Start planning couple of weeks before to arrange packers and movers to make sure you get things planned well before time instead getting in trouble at last moment.
  7. Don't worry about large item. Try to divide and conquer the problem. Normally large furniture items like bed and wardrobe can be dissembled and moved. 
  8. Feel free to call your friends and close one to help you out on such relocation. May be rented packers and movers are not as careful as your friends for any antique photo and statue you have. ;)

Inter-city relocation:

Well, things are little difficult here. Remote location availability and area has to be checked before moving. Here are some additional things you need consider:
Change address of communication asap for bank, credit card, other communications.
Arrange travel and transport
Look for initial days stay in city if permanent accommodation is not ready.

Inter-country relocation:

Relocation Map :

View Larger Map

You can post more details here based on your experience!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Chateau of France


Chateau of France, a set on Flickr.

In 2011 pre-winter, I planned to visit Tours region. Its been always a dream to pass through Royal Palaces and places where Leonardo had spent his last few memorable years.

Here are pictures of my visit to Tours, Amboise and Valandary ... Beautiful Palaces covered with untouched snow!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

My iPhone and its bugs

Nothing is perfect. Its nature's rule but we can develop thing can be close to perfect.

People say Apple stuff is pretty perfect. Lets take example of iPhone - worlds dominant handset manufacturer and seller. Best in feature, app, look and usage. I see some of basic functionality are buggy here.

1. on iPhone4. iOS 5.
We use SMS messaging service as basic tool and way to communication.
Feature, group SMS.

I added some of my friends in sms "To" list.
Put some text.

If some of the text sms failed to deliver. It shows red estimations sign like !
Problem is we never come to know what all sent successfully and which all are failed.

This is strange bug from iOS 5.0.

2. Recently, I tried to delete some pics from photo stream. iOS don't allow you to delete files from your device. 

You have to connect to PC and backup photoes and resync to delete/modify pics on your device.

3. I also have got iPhone 3GS which sometimes have issue of picking up the call. Screen fails to recognize my touch while swapping and accepting the call.

Chateaux of the France

Last end of summer in Paris, we (my wife was with me) visited some of the Chateaux around Paris. Most of people know famous Chateau de Versailles Castle. I personally didn't found it very great just because it has huge garden and lake. There is less of attractive I found. Its more crowded with lots of people rushing in and out. 

I liked another nearby Chateaux. Royal Chateau de Fontainebleau! Place is 40 min away by RER or some train going from Gare-de-Lyon to South side of France. Place is also covered in zone 6 costing you 14Euro to and fro journey by Bus service. 


Here are details copied from

Paris to Fontainebleau by Train

Departure station => Paris-Gare de Lyon
Train Line => Transilien or Ter
Direction => Laroche-Migennes / Montereau / Montargis / Sens
Arrival Station => Fontainebleau-Avon (Zone 5)
Ticket => Billet Ile-de-France - Fontainebleau–Avon
Price => 8,40€ one way
Passes Accepted => Carte Orange/Pass Navigo, Ticket Mobilis, Paris Visite Card
Attractions => INSEAD, Forest of Fontainebleau, Chateau Fontainebleau
First Train / Last Train => 06:05 / 23:35 (see notes)

PDF with timetable:
you will also get this timetable if you visit ticket window at Gare de Lyon. 

and return :

More details:

Place is beautiful to spend time with family and close group. Palace has more French history. The pond nearby Palace makes it more beautiful in view. Good to visit in Summer.

Here are some photoes:

Here is official website :

The famous INSEAD school of Management is right there.


Monday, June 11, 2012

How access in India when court has blocked it?

As internet user I value freedom of speech, expression and sharing. India - country where caste is basis of politics and all working things. We have to have such freedom in living. Its very much expressed since Anna Hazare's andolan with India Against Corruption.

Lets see a specific case where we need freedom to accessing what we want on internet and sharing best of the things over internet/mobile! Recently most of Indian ISPs Internet Service Providers came up idea of blocking all torrent sharing sites for access. I tried to open  and it showed beautiful message,

"This website/URL has been blocked until further notice either pursuant to Court orders or on the Directions issued by the Department of Telecommunications"

Well, matter of fact, I doubt if DoT has really understood the meaning of this. While court and why?
What do you mean by, website or URL?

Forget fighting with India courts or government. Its all waste of time and money. Its well known saying in my mother language. "Smart people don't walk on court steps" , sayings are never exactly translated but meaning makes sense.

Lets come to the point, you can choose either of below solutions:

download this program called u1201 and just double click, it will create proxy server and changes setting in Windows Internet settings --> LAN to and port.
It will also start IE after creation of proxy. You can now browse internet using this external proxy which allows you to access any torrent site.

2. Download and install tor which comes with portable anonymous IP proxy and firfox.  OR read here more onthis

3. Use Jtunnel :  This is wonderful site showing Freedom of Speech.
Jtunnel is java based proxy which allows you to go via this java based proxy server for http, ftp, smtp requests. Its some how not clear, if its keeps anonymousness OR tracks data.
Other good point in using this is, it provides compression for data and images. In fact, you can set image compression ratio to 50% or 80%. Its good thing. As java, it runs smoothly as java application on any operating system. Pls don't expect it to work on native mobile operating systems so soon. But sooner or later on Android and iphone. May be on Symbian if it exist till the time! ;)

4. Use online proxy servers to browse sites you want.

I hardly use 4th option. I preferred to use 3rd, 2nd mostly. It depends on what is need. I feel 1st is handy for Windows, while 2nd and 3rd are cool to work on any OS.

Cheers!! And enjoy your freedom of speech, sharing, browsing and enjoying!!!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Jai Shivaji - Paris. Gare de Nord

People of India knowns many kings of India who fought against British Emperor to keep their home land safe from Britishers (while many kings who changed their color by joining British). One of the great Maratha king - Chhtrapati Shivaji Maharaj ( was one of the biggest rival for Britishers in early 18th century. Full historical name as Shivaji Shahaji Bhosale founded the Maratha emperor which became one of the largest in 17th century . I studied it all in history book. Seen in many motivations movies on king Shivaji and his bravery to challenge Mogal Emperor, Aadilshaha and Nijamshaha to forbid them while entering his home land. Well, its still unfortunate that, King Shivaji's birthday is celebrated two times a year because historical data indicates one date and another political party says its some other date. Its still controversy!

Here goes our story. It was about 10.30pm, Paris, near Gare de Nord. I was looking for nice India hotel for dinner. I knew Sarvanabhavan is good place to have dinner but wasn't sure if it would be still open till 11pm to serve me food. I decided to try and turned my way towards the hotel.

As usually, place was little crowded due to its famous typical India food. I took a place as service tambhi pointed the table. I ordered for North India thali and was doing some pass time on mobile. Three drunkards in their mid 50s with bottle of rhum in pocket drinking while sitting on next table brought my attention. They were shouting something in their local language and sometimes in French. Neither of them was known to me but i was just guessing what they are talking. One of them was too drunk. Other one was trying to keep him in control. I washed my hands and got refreshed and took my seat again.

Conversation started as they started talking to me in their local language or French. At that time I could't guess exactly what language it was. So was the condition and the way to throw words from mouth with smell of whisky and rhum (Thanks my dinner was not on table!!).

I said politely (its better to be polite with drunkard at first conversation) , "je ne pas parle francaise! (I do not speak French) or the language you are speaking!" . I had habit of speaking phrases in mixed French+English when I don't know what to call it in French.
Other guy who was less drunk, asked me in English,"You speak English"
I said, "Yes, I speak English, Hindi and Marathi and little little French but do not understand French. I am Indian."
Reply,"Oh good! ce bon. We Indian."
I just said, "Good."  Hoping to end the conversation.
Now the drunkard said,"Where from India?"
I: "Bombay, Mumbai , Maharashatra"
drunkard: "Ce bon. I know. bon place. oui"
Little smile and reply, "Good. nice"
Drunkard: You know, king Shivaji of Maharashtra. Great king. Come to Tunjawar in Tamilnadu. Good person and king. Fought with British. bla bla bla (something in Tamil, Telgu or malayalum or French)
Less drunk drunkard: Its nothing. He is drunk too much. no problem. its fine.
I: Yes, Great king. I respect king Shivaji.

Well now, hotel waiter was worrying that drunkards are making me uncomfortable and its causing harm to reputation of hotel. He came asked 3 of them to leave the place. Again, the conversation was in their local language and I had no clue what they are trying to say. Less drunk man spoke to me, my friend is too much drunk. Its OK.

Drunkard was happy to common known and interest from Indian.
He said, "Jai Shivaji. Great king. He fought with British. I no speak English. I not like British. French is Ok. "
I: "Yes, British did lot of bad things in India... bla bla .. Shivaji is great!"

Waiter was bringing my dinner and i had stop further talking with drunkards. Anyways, Tambi (the waiter) came in and pulling drunkards to gate. He had to do it to save reputation of place.
I said,"Merci, Au revoir." (Thanks, good bye)
Drunkard was just shouting,"Its no problem. Our friend Shivaji. Jai Shivaji !! bla bla"

I waved my hand while the leaving from main door to good bye.

Its just coincidence but few kings made great impacts on society. Well, Tanjavor was never a home land of king but he ruled the province with equal respect as to his home place. Thats makes the great kings. Shivaji was never called himself a Ruler or dictator. He was kind of people. People loved him and they were ready to dye for him! That was Maratha Kingdom! But as Indian kings keep on fighting with each other and leading to ultimate victory to British Emperor.

I still feel, most worst thing of history of wars was "Battle of Plassey"  ! What a shame was it!

Story or incidence is real but there is no record of what happen and who were those drunkards while shouting "Jai Shivaji!"