Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Outing at S'pore East coast

Most memorable thing was roaming testing done with Starhub team. We actually went for outing on east coast. It was great fun. Testing was a nominal thing. Team had planned for lunch in coastal area Indian Hotel. I was accompanied by Sabrina (The lady boss), Rachel (The cute lightweight girl), Fiona (Fairly family lady), Gek Choo (Elderly religious vegetarian lady). All ladies with Chinese origin/look but very caring attitude. We placed the order, I still remember the order :

1. Dal Makhani - Sabrina asked to have bucket full of daal after seeing same on next table
2. Butter chicken- As it was must to have non-veg
3. Naan- 1 Mango, 1 cheese, 2 butter.
4. Veg rice + some spicy sup for Gek Choo.

I went to wash my hands as Indian culture. Ladies were confused, why this guy went away.. when lunch is ready. I started eating with right hand.. cutting piece of naan with fore finger & support of mid finger & thumb.. as typical roti eater does. It was amazing thing for ladies. Sabrina tried cut roti with fingers but couldn't.
And Rachel was cutting her naan with fork & spoon. Some how she managed to finish her stuff but couldn't digest it. As on next day she told she had bad stomach & had to go bathroom many times. Gek Choo had ordered some spicy rice which to too much hot to eat. She keep on drinking water along with sup & rice.

I tell you, I really enjoyed the lunch. I guess, it was very difficult thing to digest for ladies. Before landing to hotel, I was agreed to sponsor the party. Bill was some 80$ = 80X33 = 2640RS which will go for party of 15 people in India. Never mind. Bill was refunded by my company & that lunch was most memorable lunch in S'pore.

Great stuff..
Great people... to keep long lasting memories..

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