Thursday, December 3, 2009

Paris for tourist

Where, what & how:

Places MUST see (if you have time) :
Need not to mention Eiffel, Triumph arc, Lourve (Monalisa, Venus statue, many beautiful sculptures & paintings)
Few more special places to see : Nort de dam, Opera, Orsay, Museum, Art de Material Museum, Pigalle (red area), boat trip in seine river from Port Alma (near Eiffel base), Invalides & Museum Army, Grand Arc(La Defence- good place for shopping). There are many more local areas you must visit !

Food :
Good for pizza, pasta lovers. Be careful if you don't want to find uncooked meat in food. You can find plenty of Italian stuff as well Chinese, Korean & Susi restaurants are available.
For veggies : “poulet“ mean chicken, see red, blue mark on food packet before eating. Blue is for fish, red u know.
Never miss to take some perfumes, as France is home of world trade of perfumes.
India restaurants in Paris : Don't expect same too spicy food as people eat in India. Its still like it was 10-20 years before.
Desserts : you 'll find awesome deserts in Paris. Its specialty of France to have yummy chocolates & cheesy cream.

Wine: If you didn't taste it in Paris, you missed the best! Get some Bordeaux wine (don't pronounce in English, just say “bordo” ). There are many more wines you can try out.
Pastis : Another special local drink of France. Its taste very good but be aware of 45% alcohol percentage! It gives nice kick.

if you want to see India in Paris, visit La chapelle ! You 'll get lot of India stuff & brands. Ready made chapati, roti, vegetables, calling cards, ready to eat stuff & rice place. You can easily find some kannada, tamil magazine too. You can figure out how this place is Indian on first sight. Lesser rules & regulation. More shops with names like “Madras, Tirupathi, Balaji, etc etc”. You simply have advantage in bargain or too find places if you use tamil to communicate with locals.

Carry tourist map while traveling, its helpful in worst time.
Get refreshed before you start your journey, as there are very few public toilets & they charge you 40 cents as well as they are open in specific time window.
Always follow ground rules of city while walking, driving & public places.

Few French words you must know :
Merci – Thanks
Pardon – sorry
Excuse me remains same, pronunciation changes.
salut – Hi, bye (Its funny to use same word for hi & bye)
chin-chin – cheers !!
Mind it, In France, g is pronounced as J & vice-versa. Same is for a & e. R,T are always silent !!

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