Saturday, January 9, 2010


Explorer...: "Date 28/Nov/2009
I was flying back from Paris Charles De Goule airport. While waiting in boarding queue, i found a English guy reading 'Shantaram'.
I asked him.'Hey, have u finished reading shantaram'!
'Not yet, i'll soon finish it. Its nice book'
'Yes. I have read it once. Its really wonderful book with pace & every details'
he accepted, 'yeah, right!'
I tried to check how much he remember about Shataram,'So, hows Karla, Khader, linbaba? Do you like them?'
Surprisingly said,'You know all of them!!Good. Karla is good, mysterious beauty & soul. Its good story!'
We discsussed few more thing like, where are you flying & bla bla..

It was good to see someone who knows & think as you are such unexpected time :-)"

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    Another great book on similar lines. Good read!


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