Thursday, February 18, 2010

Updating status on twitter,facebook, gtalk, Buzz using twitter

Updating status on twitter,facebook, gtalk, Buzz using twitter :

With launch in G Buzz, there are many social n/w playground.
Funny thing is, Buzz 3rd party integration just says, ur twits will be shown on buzz.. but it didnt work :( .. buggy google... sad to say but true!

Googles bad habit of launching products in beta n making them bug free with help of users.. are we the gunny pigs to experiment on ??? i forgive G ! just a favour for providing so many free services ;-) never mind G!

I wondering how long it'll take to update my status each time on all of the sites ! its really bad idea to do it manually on all sites..

Here i got way around to do it :
1. How to add to facebook status : Search twitter in search box of Fb. u 'll cool twitter icon.. just get the app for Fb.. u ;ll be prompted with twitter login & check for settings to update your status from twitter. DONE !!

2. For Buzz & Gtalk : Go to free app site ! Many Thanks to for providing such a cool app :
This web service will read ur latest twit on regular basis (currently its checking on half hourly basis ) & updates ur Gtalk status ! The itself is cool enough to say that.
Once gtalk status is updated. Buzz too get gtalk profile text to update. G has done it properly. is smart enough to not take msg with "@" from twitter status. thats good thing.

U can get thousands of cool mobile & desktop apps to update ur twitter status. This is how I update my status.. twitter is now my most favourite on line digital open diary !!!

in reference to: Facebook (view on Google Sidewiki)

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