Monday, March 8, 2010

Air France took my luggage for 3days.

Story of my luggage n travel thru AF !! I can't belieave AF flight had more mosquitoes than any of Mumbai's Guttar or nulla..

Worst flight experience for me in life !!

Mar 3 Mahendra Tipale: Finally reached Paris ! Oops. Air France said, luggage will come with in 1-2 days!Its bad.I hardly have cloths to to shop.
Mar 3 Sunil Bhatia: Man this is bad... same case with Basheer... What did they say? Why is the luggage delayed? I am now considering to book Emirates instead of Air France for next week!!!
Mar 3 Sumit Rusia: ur screwed man... :(
Mar 4 Mahendra Tipale: yup guys. It was really bad. we purchased few needful stuff today. I think so luggage will come 2maro evening or day after 2maro.

Its not for me & Basheer but it happened to all passengers. We r lucky ones who r staying in Paris. Many had to go to US or something countries & their plans r cancelled or may not be feasible.

Anyway, AF keep on saying sorry sorry many time.

i brought new shoes as i had forgot my shoes while coming..

Underwares too.. cant live with same undiz for long time... JJJ
will rest for next 10 hr in peace. no worry.
i hav 1 dress n laptop.. nothinig else !

Mar 4 Mahendra Tipale: ha ha .. I got 5 new undiz. multicolored , multi designed.. n few more cloths. yest day we did shopping of ~100Euro each @ La Defence to servive another 1-2 days in paris.

we r gonna su AF if the baggage didnt came b4 weekend. we hav lot of stuff in checkin.

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