Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Actual Bandwidth

Bandwidth is seen as very relative term in daily usage. Even the small internet cafe owner keeps on saying, too less bandwidth so speed is slow.

I just tried to measure it while i was moving around the place.

Here is screen shot of Gprs speed with Airtel Mobile office APN in Banglore ! 72 kbps is great in roaming.

Another speed test on my desktop using Tata Photon+ . I must agree Tata is giving best speed as compared to any other USB data cards. Reliance is poor in this. Even connection problems are very common with Reliance USB data cards.

It was final test run directly using direct LAN ssh tunnel. Speed is good!

Funny thing is, i tested the same again in Mumbai when I was back to home. It was showing me mere 10 to 15 kpbs !!! I know, it could be due to HLR registry OR routing problem .... Most imp, it was raining badly in Mumbai at that time. Airtel is always in trouble with rains & fires. It was totally messed up when once of Airtel MSC was under fire! In fact, many prepaid users were able to make free calls for many days!!! :D

Will keep on posting on new finding.

Sites to check your data speed visit : for mobile phones

Don't compare results of above two links, it'll never be same as 2nd actually does that data transfer while first just checks the available bandwidth.

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