Monday, December 27, 2010

My first Winter in Paris

I was lucky to spend initial days of winter in Paris. It was beautiful to see (just to see not to go out in cold :P) the snow falls. Once woke up on wonderful morning to have walk around places near by. Its really beautiful to see the Eiffel tower and snowy gardens. 

I was living near Eiffel tower on rue de Federation so I was use to roam around the snowy walkways around the tower. There were very few people around on snowy day. I could see few kid enjoying their school trip. Kids were having fun in such freezing cold. I tool the walk on bridge on river Siene from Eiffel side towards Trocadero. Walked on gardens around Traocadero. Poor statue of nude man was freezing in cold. I reached near place de Kleber. I walked along the Avenue de kleber till Arc de Trumph and turned towards my destination to walk to office.
Those were last few days of my stay in Paris and wanted to enjoy chilling weather and place. 
Its fun to play in snow if you are with friends. Having hot coffee is best thing to do while sitting on outside the hotel. Chilling weather and hot coffee is perfect combination. Wonderful thing is French people hardly wait for snow to stop. It always good to carry on your work irrespective of the weather. Its assumed to be variable. But yes, in early winter days, most of people are not ready to for snowy roads. They have to change car tires to be good to go on snowy roads.

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