Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween in Paris

It was 31st Oct'2011 Monday. I didn't knew if it was Halloween. I went to office as usual way and came  back in evening at my apartment. 

The door bell rang at evening time. Its very rarely to have unexpected visitors in Paris. We were quite surprized to see the visitor. I opened the door. I could found 3 little cute adorable girls with cute devil makeup and dress! Someone would have hardly scared to see them. They were carrying lots of sweats and chocolates in  carry bag with them. They kept on showing me the bag and asking for something. I couldn't understand what they wanted to say. There were 2 younger girls who could understand that I don't speak French. 
Somehow, I manage to say, "Je ne parle pas Francais! Je parle anglais."
They told me the way they celebrate Halloween. Kids are suppose to visit all residents and they should give sweats and chocolates to kids. That is kind of gift to kids for Halloween dressing! I barely said, Happy Halloween and asked them to wait for 1 min.
I went inside and brought a large chocolate and handed it over to Little girls who was showing me her chocolate bag! It was nice feeling to make smile on those adorable faces!
Eventually, I missed joining some party outside for Halloween celebrations but could enjoy small part of Halloween. I was still great!!!

We had many such visitors from evening time but kids were not speaking English so it was impossible to guess if its Halloween! I should keep track of such celebrations in Paris. 

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