Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Relocation to do list

In last 1-2 years, i have got plenty of experience in relocating the home from various locations. Let's divide on type of relocation:
  1. Intra-city : Within city but changing area
  2. Inter-city / Intra-county: Changing the city but in same region/state
  3. Inter-county: Changing city, country and culture. You can call Oversea relocation.
Let's go in details on each type of relocation. I have indeed got experience of each of these.

First is Intra-city. This is not that difficult as it seems. Here is  items checklist here:
  1. Check new place where you are going to live. See that place is clean, locality is good to live. Most needed amenities are reachable distance. 
  2. Specially like a general store, dairy, shops, transport points, Bus stop or railway station availability, worst case late night travel availability and comfort.
  3. Make list of stuff you want to move and keep. Considering if you are leaving in rented place and it was furnished or semi furnished. You need to make sure your apartment owner won't raise issue for keeping empty flat unclean OR taking away extra stuff which do not belongs to you.
  4. Sizing: Measure large items like TV, Microwave, Bed, furniture, chairs, table, freeze to get exact size of transport you are looking for. You should be at conclusion if you need large truck, mini jeep, tempo kind of vehicle. Its sometimes affordable to have single small vehicle for longer duration and do couple of trips to transport stuff.
  5. Pay electricity, phone, internet, society, loundary bills  and ask for address change for utility bills. Most important is bank communications like debit card, credit card statements should be diverted to correct new address.
  6. Start planning couple of weeks before to arrange packers and movers to make sure you get things planned well before time instead getting in trouble at last moment.
  7. Don't worry about large item. Try to divide and conquer the problem. Normally large furniture items like bed and wardrobe can be dissembled and moved. 
  8. Feel free to call your friends and close one to help you out on such relocation. May be rented packers and movers are not as careful as your friends for any antique photo and statue you have. ;)

Inter-city relocation:

Well, things are little difficult here. Remote location availability and area has to be checked before moving. Here are some additional things you need consider:
Change address of communication asap for bank, credit card, other communications.
Arrange travel and transport
Look for initial days stay in city if permanent accommodation is not ready.

Inter-country relocation:

Relocation Map :

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You can post more details here based on your experience!

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