Thursday, June 5, 2008

How media going more n more vulgar

Can you imagine kids watch (don't read) English newspapers to see sexy babes..
I could remember 6-7 years before, things were different. We could hardly see some really vulgar stuff in any news paper. One has to go n get something very relevant magazine or paper.

Pic from TOI : date 5 June '08 , Mumbai News Paper release, Second-last page of main print.

On daily basis I can see at least 2-3 such semi-nude pics. This is good enough to ignite small minds.

I would say : rather then just blaming TOI or some other news agency. We should think of how society
is liking.

Its not only TOI, rather we as nation should think to change the way people think

Don't you think some portion of blame also come to us. After all its your child who is gonna suffer.

Pls think why something is so?
comments Welcome !!!

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