Monday, June 16, 2008

Finding a home on rent in Pune


One can't imagine how much effort one need to take for getting a good 3-4 room residential flat on rent in city like Pune or Mumbai. Indian cities are getting denser and denser with major population moving from village to urban area.

Day 1 :

I was full of enthusiasm to get a proper broker/agent and hence proper flat in area I wished. Yesterday, I ad searched a lot on Internet to get rented flat in Pune. I found magic bricks and other sites helpful to get contact info of agent & other flat owner. While leaving office I made a long list with mobile numbers & names of brokers who can help me in last moment

I moved from Mumbai in early morning (in my case its 9.00 am). Got a travels vehicle of Konduskar (famous tours & travels in Maharashtra) with a window sit wort Rs 280/- . Person sitting next to me : Mr Satyajit was cool dude like me. He wasn't feeling well. Had fever and improper health. But was good in chit-chatting while traveling. We shared good amount of each others domain knowledge. He was working in garment industry working for brands like Zodiac & Pentloon. Shared good memories of interests, carriers, society, fashion and fun.

By the grace of rain fall and mild traffic conditions I reached Pune at 1.00 o'clock in noon. First thing I targeted was Shivaji nagar. Met the first person in the list Mr Rajesh, a typical Punekar in early 40's , blackish complexion with very strong voice and commitment.

Questions asked for searching :

Name :

1BHK or 2 BHK (bedroom, hall & Kitchen)

who's living family/bachelors :

No. family members :

Who/ What they do:

Is family vegetarian or non-veggi :

Rent budget :

When to take keys and give token money :

I felt very embarrassing when he asked me my surname & cast, here comes the bad human nature in Pune. More due to some Brahman community in Pune.

Pune has been well known for culprits who prefer to see surname (which very good indication of the somebodies cast in India). Thats what is in NAME and its not what great Shakasphere had said, “ Whats in name”, rather I would say its all revolves around your name.

Let me proceed from cyclone of religion and cast ism. Mr Gosavi shown me few flats around the area, varying from 8K to 13K. I like one of them, but still rent around was more as compare to my budget. The day went on traveling and contacting new people/ agents and finally ended with nothing decided at last moment.

At 9.00 pm, I was dropped to Kothrud by Mr Gosavi. Thanks a lot for the same. I met my friend Mangesh, Satyawan & Nilesh, who were waiting for me eagerly to have party meet. As usually we celebrate with toss of pegs of Royal Stag. I don't remember when I felt sleepy and went off. I remember I had good time chatting with Nilesh. He really explained how he searched his girl for marriage. We shared very good moments of our last few bachelor parties. I also had talk with his fiancee. I shared very core memories my & Nilesh friendship with her. She understood me very well. Lucky chap Nilya. With my best wishes. Just before sleeping, I had very serious talk with Mangesh about life and stuff like that. I can't recollect such thoughts & chats again. That was pretty volatile. Anyways enjoyed the evening after very hectic day.

Day 2 :

Again wake up early in morning at 8.30 am. Met my cousin Mr Arjun, nick named Bandu daji (big brother). He introduced me very interesting character called Mr Ashok. A typical Beed kar, very talkative, pheku (who lies many things), a aspirational MBA passout from Bharati Vidyapith (as he said, I still doubt whether he had or not) but works as a sales person for Idea Tel com. He had good contat with other brokers & friends around the place.

Day went on calling other brokers, looking few more new locations. Finally decided one near Bharati Vidyapith on Satara road.

Friends, by the end of the day I was drained out of energy. Bandu daji arranged fish in evening. I took lot of time in filtering out the thorns from fins of fish. Slept in midnight. It was Sunday night. I was suppose to be in office on Monday morning.

Day 3:

Wake up too early at 7.30 am. Got ready to go Mumbai. But plan changes as we were still not finished with perfect place to stay in Pune. I was suppose to be in office, took urgent leave for a day. Thanks my company provide such facility. I called up one more broker.

I was badly screwed with the rain and conditions. Finally I fixed a place in Upper -Sukhsagar area with help of Bandu daji..

It was overall good experience rather adventure i would say...

Worst part of it was, when the agent ask from surname,cast, veg/non-veg like things..I don't think anybody 'll like such things. Would you still say India is a non-racial, cast independent country?
Best part is, many people help you around without any money expectations.

Thank a ton to all...

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