Wednesday, October 22, 2008

शाळा -- मिलींद बोकील

I was in ABC- Appa Balwant Chouk in Pune on last Satureday. Was there to buy a book "Yugandhar" by V. S. Khandekar. Its based on mytho life of Shree Krushna. My friend Avinash was interested in it.
Started conversation with one Marathi novel book seller. His name was Rupesh. Asked about the book & started bargainaing as usual style in Pune. His proposal was to give 80% discount on sell of Rs 800+ . I thought to buy few more books. Rupesh recommended some more historical mytho stuff. I wasn't really interested in it. Eventually he shown me book called " शाळा -- मिलिंद बोकील ". He said its almost based on your life.

"तya दिवशी मला कळलं की शाळेची मजा कशात आहे ते। वर्ग आहेत,बाकं आहेत, पोरंपोरी आहेत,सर आहेत,गणित आहे, भूगोल आहे,नागरिकशास्त्रसुध्दा; पण आपण त्यात कशातच नाही. आपण त्या गाईंच्या पाठीवर बसणार्‍या पांढर्‍या पक्ष्यांसारखे मुक्त आहोत.त्यांच्या शाळेत बसलेलो असलो तरी आपल्या मनात एक वेगळीच शाळा भरते.खास एकट्याचीच . त्या शाळेला वर्ग नाहीत,भिंती नाहीत,फ़ळा नाही,शिक्षक नाहीत; पण त्यातलं शिकणं फार सुंदर आहे."

Started reading it for next 2-3 hours. It started as if its my life. Wonderful way to express journey from childhood days of 14-16 yr to bit matured 17 yr man.

Its really suites well to a Maharatrian boy in Kokan or near by area of Mumbai. Would like to characters of story :

Me : Mukund Joshi , a nature lover , small but casual in studies, chess player, knows movie names very well, finally becomes a broken heart lover.
Shirodkar : My's line/chavi/beloved - My classmate, a cute aadarshwadi girl. I loved her character. The way writer put it.
Ambabai - My elder sis, my permanent headache at home
Aaisaheb - Aai, Mother
Surya - Suresh Mhatre. My friend in class. But a looser in matter of girls & studies. So his papa bit him like anything. Its in his caste - "Aagree".
Chitrya - Another scientist close friend. Very talented but pissed of due to his parent's fights & Devki.
Fawadya - My friend with v poor economic conditions.

Anyway, I didnt like the end. Its a tragic end. Mukund didn't get his girl. Vijay & his friend in jail. Surya & Fawadya failed. Chitrya lost his love kewada. Naru mama married to some girl, whom he't liked.

Milink Bokil saheb gosti cha shewat changala zala aasata tar bare watale aasate.

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  1. I could connect to the story very well. I thought I was reading my past.(with very little variations)
    Thank you.


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