Thursday, March 19, 2009

Earth Hour 2009

Go Green ! Save Earth !

Lets promote Earth Hour 2009 by following complete switch off electric appliances. I 've taken few decisions to make earth better place to live. Here are few :
  1. Switch off electric appliances whenever not needed.
  2. Use public, shared transport.
  3. No use of heating appliances. They consume huge energy
  4. My Linux terminal is with black background with white font color.
  5. Brightness to medium
  6. Linux Gnome color theme switched to black, low intense
  7. Planning to purchase a bicycle so can use in it to travel nearby places. I wake to way my office (Its too close to drive J)
More resources on

Aamir Khan is doing. Lets contribute in your own ways to make Earth better place to live...
Not for your own interest but at least think of our next generation and man kind!!!

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