Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Reliance broadband bakwaas service too bad


Recently I experienced service by India's largest industries : Reliance - Anil Ambani group. I tell u its really bad.

Marketing guy from RIL came to me and offered broadband connections free of cost. Which is added 500/- in very first bill. Bill came 11 days after connection was activated. It was 1000/- bill on 12th day of service. Its included 50/- telephone charges which are said to be free service.

It was total mess up in bill. I asked RIL to disconnect the service.
termination request : 8457 4299 ... which is yet to terminate, i guess
net connection change request:8457 4628 .. don't know what its for
Customer care guy @ 1800 30007777
told me its correct bill

RIL customer care called me 50 times for bill payment. Nobody never updated me on service termination request.
Unfortunately, I also got second bill even though I never used this bakwaas service in that time span.
Anyway, I'm still fighting to close on service with RIL...


I had earlier experinced similar thing in Reliance Money demat account connection thing... these people will never stop fooling people.

Hope more victims will not fall pray to them...

So, I hate Reliance & its services...

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