Friday, February 13, 2009

VirtualBox by Sun

VirtuaBox :

Sun took over Innotek VBox. Master class product to use multiple OSs on Linux box. I have became huge fan when I tried it. Most imp thing is no sign up, trial version OR registration headache.. Goes very well as open source.

As Linux user, I had limitation while using Microsoft supported stuff. As company intranet & many websites are still IE crazy. I installed Xp with Vbox on my Linux FC6.
Product site Download Page

Win Xp on Linux Box :

Its was of great use when I started playing Counter Strike. I can start Vbox & play CS. Only you need to care is space & physical memory allocated should be good enough to do your stuff on VBox.

If you go for multiple OS on Vbox.. Physical memory allowed to allocate reduces as underlined OS need to have enough memory..

Guys you can enjoy all your games, movie, other utils of Win environment which may not work in Linux with WINE. Most of n/w stuff don't work with WINE.

Enjoy !
Keep posted if any issue.

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