Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Ssh on Mobile !


Many of mobile phone user wish to access their server through Ssh proto. I got something for you. Only thing you should have is basic midp1.0 supported phone

You can download the app from here . Depending on phone capabilily you should donwload java/midp app.

Only you need is Gprs connectivity to download and connect the server. App has nice functionality like macro, store session, font change.

ps -eaf Screen Shot 2

Here are some screen shots :

Top command o/p on N72 with midp ssh. I even have putty for Symbian client. But I think this is the best ssh client.

TOP Screen Shot 2

Another with dynamic screen. I feel only drawback is connectivity handled by java. S60 Putty work in better manner for connectivity.. Its bit obvious as java has to access native API of Symbian/Proprietor OS of the Phone.

You can download Putty for S60 from here

Download Page S60

If you are facing any connectivity issue.. Let me know. Would like to share some more stuff.. :)

Pls make sure you have unlimited data plan for GPRS access. :) ... Should not get heart attach on seeing mobile bill ;)


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