Thursday, June 18, 2009

Are you a page addict ?

Something being hobby or use to is kind of okey but "Addiction" is bad !!
Now a days people gets addicted to cellphone, PC, TV . Earlier trend was old with cigar, drinks, gambling, etc

I came across addition of browsing over similar set of page again and again on net. Something like, just visiting even u don't have any thing in mind to be searched. Too frequently checking mails are kind of such additions.

Today's blog is too control Web page addition. Use a simple browser like Firefox. Pretty secured and equipped with billions of plug ins try various things. Get a plugin called , available to download in xpi format at
It supported on Firefox 3.0 & 2.0 so no worry. U just need to install and config it. U can find plugin link in Tools-->Pageaddict
Click on it, it'll take u too its site. U can do required setting on site itself. Its very simple !!
Here are some screen shot to make it more comfortable.
History of visited time along with tags/groups.

Its stores all history from day1 to yesterday.

Another screen shot showing daily config and site browsed.

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