Monday, June 8, 2009

Beautiful memories of school

It was almost 8 years, I left the school. Havn't seen those blue & white uniforms. Regular morning PT with Mulik sir. Vestle still bangs my head. That was final wake up call we had. Still remembers the orders and school bells bangs in head. Dangerous style beating. Specially TPJ (Tejerao Jadhav sir, Hon's in Maths), Prasad sir (English). We use tremble on entering class roon which was labeled as “English Lab”. Guys, can u believe, subject like English too have the laboratory. There were pics of many old authors, poets,etc. Including Shakesphere, HG Wells, Williams Wordworth, bla bla. Who the hell remembers the names of those oldies who wrote those bullshit poems and we need to mug them all.

I reached the school at noon. The only person known to me was Kumbhar mama. I called,"Kai Kumbhar mama, olakhale ka? (Kumar mama, did you recognized me?)
I was damm sure, the old guy must have forgotan things 8 years back.
Mama yelled,"Kai Tipale, tula kai watale. Topi, chashma ghalun aala mhanaje zale ka.. ha ha ha" (What you think, by wearing, spectacle and cap , u 'll fool me.. Tipale I remember you very well...)
To my surprise and happyness. "Thanks god... somebody still knows me here :) "

I visited the whole school. Took pics of those classroom, where we got punishments, got sticks on buttocks, that huge 10 acres ground, where we toiled daily PT (physical training) under honorable command of Mulik sir, that main notice board with very first name "Mahendra Tipale 80.80% , batch pass percentage 95.20%" ... pic attached.

All teachers currently working in JNV, Basmathnagar. Name of district changes but not the teachers and school. 

Nanded Gurudwara :

With old friends :
From left : Angad Bobde sorry Doctor Angad Bobde urf Jangali (nick name in school) , Dr Pramod Rokade, Bhanudas Jadhav & Myself .


With few more old friends :
From Left : Dr Gajanan Delmade, myself & Dr Gajanan Pawar .


Me with scientist Muralidhar Shinde & Gajendra Jogdand.


My class 12th batch, it was pilot batch who dared to be work hard and clear class XII th science. It was rather adventure !

My another oldest friend, whom I met after almost 8 years. Mr Sakharam Rede. Who have now started his own Enterprise called “Sai” and doing very well.

At last my school class, where we got our all punishments

It actually don't look as horrible it look in pic.

Will never ever forget those days and specially punishments !!! ha ha ha
I miss that all ! and all of us too!

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