Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Gtalk bot for English Dictionary

Good news for dictionary lovers, improved English dictionary is available for you free on just single on your gtalk chat ! 
Sometime we just ignore complicated unknown English words by just guessing the meaning. Or we just don't bother to know it. ya, some old guy have said, "Ignorance is better than half knowledge." But why not to get the right complete knowledge when its readily available?? 

I had worked on below dictionary bot (one of my earlier blog post), as time pass service for my own use. I feel it would be useful for many other. 

Bug fix done in earlier version: 
1. html tags removed. Code change:  
String nohtml = sb.toString().replaceAll("\\<.*?>",""); One of my friend ask me to do so. Html (web based) chat messengers would have parsed this data but normal IMs don't do html tag detection. 
2. More clarity for reading. 
3. latest word database access 

To do: 
1. Moving server component to Google App store 
2. Adding more language support 
3. Trying out more services with interface. 

 How to use it: 
1. Add to your gtalk chat buddy list. Don't worry, I'll not trouble you with your privacy. 
2. It will get automatically as bot is configured to do so.  
ping with bot with message "?" 
3. Response will guide you on further details.
To use dictionary send "d:" 
4. Response should not take more than 5 seconds to give the all possible results.
Thats it.

You will always have dictionary bot with you at your service :D
You need not to worry about your privacy as long as its not asking for your google account password ;)

Screen shot:

Apologies as these services stopped working due to issues on server component.
I will update the blog once again after fixing the issues. Stay tuned!!!


  1. google appspot is not taking care of jsp properly. Its initiating new http fetch request so its another process which may take some time to fetch required info. Google dont want to have such pages on their free cloud.

    i moved it back to other server for a while. will test it again and to make it optimized enough for google.

  2. Need to mention one more thing.

    This bot may appear offline many time. But don't worry, its just invisible mode of my service.
    It'll always reply you even if u send offline chat in given format. :)

  3. hi guy,this bot is not in servering now :-(

  4. Hello there,

    Yes. you are right. Service is down due to bot service provider is no more exist.
    I will update my post once I see good chat IM service. I should do it.

    Thanks for reporting the issue.


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