Friday, August 20, 2010

Why I don't like Microsoft

Recently I had conversation with one of my friend Amit. It explains well why i dont like microsoft. I dont see windows unless I have to play counter strike !

Still I don't hate them.

(12:02:28 IST) Amit: hi
(12:02:33 IST) Mahen: hey
(12:02:37 IST) Amit sali: have you used MS office 2010?
(12:02:42 IST) Mahen: no man
(12:02:46 IST) Mahen: i never use MS :P
(12:02:52 IST) Amit: :)
(12:02:57 IST) Mahen: no MS office. only openoffice :)
(12:03:01 IST) Mahen: what happen?
(12:03:02 IST) Amit: linux pro ... hhhhmm!!
(12:03:23 IST) Mahen: yup
(12:05:14 IST) Amit: MS 2010 has upgraded my outlook profile ... then I unistalled 2010 and reverted to 2007 ... now I cannot have my old system as before .. not able to view my older emails in pst and archieves
(12:05:15 IST) Amit: :(
(12:05:36 IST) Mahen: Oops
(12:05:40 IST) Amit: F**K MS
(12:05:40 IST) Mahen: thats terrific !
(12:05:44 IST) Mahen: ha ha
(12:05:53 IST) Mahen: u r in trouble dude
(12:06:01 IST) Mahen: call sys admin & go home
(12:06:06 IST) Amit: :)
(12:06:46 IST) Amit: I need to again install 2010 to get my old emails
(12:06:56 IST) Mahen: oh yes. probably
(12:07:03 IST) Mahen: copy ur .pst to backup
(12:07:12 IST) Mahen: & then revert back to MS2007
(12:07:20 IST) Mahen: may be it'll work
(12:07:27 IST) Amit: I hope so
(12:07:34 IST) Mahen: best luck :)
(12:07:51 IST) Mahen: MS may deliver another patch or service pack to resolve this issue :D
(12:08:02 IST) Amit: hahaha

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  1. Dude, and the story continued ...
    I opened a trouble ticket for system admin to revert my system as it was before installing MS office 2010 and waited for them to help me out in this crisis situation. Meanwhile I also googled for the resolution or at least an answer. I found nothing which could solve my problem.
    There after I was on vacation for 2 days.
    When I came back to office on third day, my system admin called me up and told me there is no he can help me out to make my system as before except to get my old .pst back.
    Though I got my all previous emails but lost all saved contacts.
    I need to live with it now and create contacts again. :(


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