Wednesday, August 31, 2011

India against corruption

Date 27th August :

It was lonely day. Raining heavily still streets were full of water and commuters travelling. I decided to come out in support with Anna Hazare's fast to pass Jan-Lokpal bill. I took public transport to reach Andheri station and by fast local train to Churchgate station. I preferred to walk to Azad maidan tent near CST station.

I found the major camp of police outside entrance to Azad maidan tent. I was bit nervous to join the place, however managed to go inside and took the support card and pin which can be hanged to your chest and show you are as part of "isupportIndiaAgaistCorrution"! After a while, I feel normal as people around keep on supporting everybody to support Anna.

People were shouting specific slogans to make they don't harm anyone while supporting Anna Hazare.
Vande Matram !
Bharat mata ki Jai !
etc etc

At around 3 pm, group of young dump and deaf supporter joined the place. I loved to see their energy and emotions to support India against corruption. It was amazing.

Best part is, they can't speak but express their desire strong by, raising both hands up and shaking fingers !!
Group of some 40-50 guys doing this at same time was great stuff. Awesome. I feel, if some handicap can manage to come in such bad rains then why can't a normal Indian come forward and stay on road to support the cause!
Here is video I got at the place :

On 21 August'2011 :

I was in Pune and managed to attend the bike rally to support India against corruption :
Here is video showcasing about 30000 bikes moving on roads of Pune in  row.

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