Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Mumbai Blasts

I left office at around 7.00 pm. It was usual evening. I walked to nearest bus stand and travelled to Marol depot to catch direct regular bus to Airoli. As I reached bit early than usual peak hours, it was no crowded. I got call from my friend at 7.15 asking my where about. He asked me to stay and wait in office as bomb blasts have just rocked the Mumbai! Hell, it was shocking news for me. I googled the news on mobile but didn’t showed any update as it was very fresh news and media had not grasped & posted any content on web. 

I asked fellow commuters in line. One of them knew about the bomb spots.
1. Zaberi Bazzar – Prime Diamond merchandize place in Mumbai
2. Opera House/Khau galli – Charni road, Open place with crowd.
3. Kabutar khana – Dadar. Very crowded place in evening

Important observation from somebody revealed that it was Kasab’s Birthday and Terrorist group wanted to give him the birthday gift in such a terrific way. Eyebrows are raised on questions like
1. Why Kasab is still not hanged?
2. Does he believe in our justice system? Its infact, biggest shame for us to not punish him on time! It’s been 2 years.
3. Why governments take action on Kasab case?
4. Why governments don’t have enough security, cameras, CCTV and high tech securities inspite of repeated bomb blasts in high end place like Zaveri bazaar?
5. Why Home ministry says, “it’s not Intelligence failure!”? Rather Mumbaikar’s say “Its huge shame!”

Citizens of India need results and not just reports and committees to analyze the impact of bomb blast! As usual Government announces 2 to 5 lakh rupees compensation to deaths and about 50K ruppes to injured people. Is it enough for somebody’s wife? or Somebody’s mother? or Someone’s brother? Somebody lost their only son in their old age and left newly married wife behind. Can government money cheque of 5 lakh going to give them their dear ones?
Questions of last terror attack are still unanswered! It’s futile to expect more from government when they can’t fulfill our promises. Forget the growth; we need basic livelihood and security to our lives while living in Mumbai!!

Aggressions of Mumbaikar’s are very obvious reactions. Relatives of injured people didn’t allowed Chief Minister of Maharastra Prithviraj Chavan to visit hospitals. It was more like pouring salt on injured wounds of affected people.

I followed tweeter stream. Here is mine!/mahendrat :
• @timesofindia he dont understand terror attack! bullshit comments by chchota gandhi. Seems Diggy is teaching him to give such comments.
• Maximum city! We love!! @meerasapra I love how Bombay comes together at times like these. This is what defines the true character of a city.
• oh hell! 13/7 Its all like 2006, 1993 central mumbai & town rocked! @mid_day Also at KEM, Varsha Kariya. #MumbaiBlasts
• Let's stop turning the other cheek each time someone slaps us. Whack someone back! Hard! Our restraint is not our weakness! Enough is Enough
• Govt need to prove! Figure of dead is now 10+ ! @TIME What we know so far about the blasts in #Mumbai | (via @TIMEWorld)
• why dont first hang kasab? #mumbaiblast @starnewslive PM asks Maharashtra CM to keep him posted on the developments related to blasts (PTI)
• true! Why dont make #govt #deathday? #justice @BDUTT @dharmeshG It is actually Kasab's birthday.
• every kid of mumbai knows it :P ! Tell #ministry tell something new!!@BDUTT home ministry calls it a terrorist attack #mumbaiblasts
• More blasts.More people dying.Quick Mr Prime Minister, shuffle your fucking lame-duck cabinet again. #mumbaiblasts #fb #yam
• Action needed?? @mid_day 3 blasts reported. Home #Ministrysources claim 10 people dead.6 killed at Dadar,4 at Zaveri Bazaar. #MumbaiBlasts
• no screening on roadways/bus? Why? @mid_day Terror attack confirmed in #Mumbai. Both airports sealed. CISF screening airport parking lots.
 • why #police never warn ever before any blast/riot?? @starnewslive #Security alert in Delhi following #blasts in #Mumbai: Delhi Police.(PTI)
• Why bloody terrorist choose 13 again?? Its not with bad lucky but bad people made 13 bad! He is prime & good number. #fb #mumbaiblast
• Oh Shit! Serial blasts in Mumbai!! 13/07.! Hope people r safe!
• any more update on central, western areas? @starnewslive #Mumbai: Blast occured inside a taxi in Dadar
• @ndtv any update on mumbai bombs?? Pls update us.
• Why it dont rains on #mumbai bombs to #defuse #terrorist plans !!! #fb
• 3 Bomb spots in #mumbai !! Dadar, zaberi baazzar and mumbadevi!

More detailed streams are:!/search/mumbaiblast!/search/mumbai 

At end of the day, i reached at home in another AC bus. I and many of fellow commuters couldn't hide the shadow of fear on their face. It was silence all over but it meant to mourn for those who lost their life in blast. 

Mumbai - the Maximum city never stops. 
Rain keep on pouring more water.... 
Terrorist keeps on pouring more deaths and bombs.... 
our lame-duck corrupt politician keep on pouring money in their black holes!!! 

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