Sunday, February 12, 2012

How to make rice in microwave oven? and in jungle with fire?

Its more practical guide to make Rice (French: Riz)! Rice being majorly consumed food item in world, its interesting to know how to cook rice properly and easiest way.
You will say there are many ways to do it. I would list some of them:
  1. Pressure cooker
  2. Steamer
  3. On electric stove
  4. Microwave oven
  5. In Jungle with fire
Most of people know first 3 methods to do it. Its very normal and widely used ways to cook rice. I would like to focus on something which is not very explored or known.

Now a days, availability of oven is more easy then a gas stove or electric stove for cooking. I had problem with my electric stove and I had to use oven and temporary electric stove for cooking my dinner. Here is procedure to follow for cooking rice.

Step 1.
For Microwave oven, you have to have oven-compatible vessels or utensils which can be used to cook stuff in oven. Usually crockery and some specific glasses are used but they get hot when used in oven and so not the best option to use. Its good to see yourself and understand what is good to use for cooking in oven. 
Make sure utensil is made from recyclable plastic of type 5 and symbol of oven indicating it can be used for oven with allowed limit of temperature mentioned on back. usually, 100C-120C is enough on high side. 

Step 2.
Clean the utensil. Make 1 cup measure of rice and put it in utensil. Make sure quantity of rice taken to cook is 1/4 of total volume capacity of the utensil. Clean the rice and rinse the utensil until you see transparent water.

Step 3.
Add 2X quantity of water in utensil. This means, you have to have two measures of water. Use measure tool (glass or cup or mug) to make sure water quantity is enough to go while cooking rice.

Step 4:
Add 1 tea spoon on salt.
Add 3-4 tea spoon of oil
Mix the solution with water and steer up the utensil. 

Step 5:
Keep utensil as it is in microwave oven! Set timer to 20 minutes and take your seat. Wait for oven alarm to see if rice is cooked. I 'm sure this should be enough. I myself tried and tested the method and It was the best way to do it.

Now, we will see how we can do similar things in jungle when you don't have any utensil or the oven or any electric stove. Don't be surprized, its vey much possible and can be easily done. 
I assume you need to have: Rice, water, cloth, match stick and some dry wood to make fire.

Take a thick cloth which should be thick enough to avoid any soil particles to go inside.
Make the cloth wet enough to hold lot of water.
Wash rice and put in cloth
Dig the ground about 50-60cm
Pour some water inside. Make it hold some water
Now keep packed cloth inside dig.
Put wet soil on cloth and put some extra water below.
Set fire to wood on same place. Keep it for 1 hours.

Mostly, rice should get cooked if its enough water to stream up. I never tried second method but yes it works. You have put salt after cleaning the cooked rice. Hope it works. I would like to experiment this sometime.


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