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Jai Shivaji - Paris. Gare de Nord

People of India knowns many kings of India who fought against British Emperor to keep their home land safe from Britishers (while many kings who changed their color by joining British). One of the great Maratha king - Chhtrapati Shivaji Maharaj ( was one of the biggest rival for Britishers in early 18th century. Full historical name as Shivaji Shahaji Bhosale founded the Maratha emperor which became one of the largest in 17th century . I studied it all in history book. Seen in many motivations movies on king Shivaji and his bravery to challenge Mogal Emperor, Aadilshaha and Nijamshaha to forbid them while entering his home land. Well, its still unfortunate that, King Shivaji's birthday is celebrated two times a year because historical data indicates one date and another political party says its some other date. Its still controversy!

Here goes our story. It was about 10.30pm, Paris, near Gare de Nord. I was looking for nice India hotel for dinner. I knew Sarvanabhavan is good place to have dinner but wasn't sure if it would be still open till 11pm to serve me food. I decided to try and turned my way towards the hotel.

As usually, place was little crowded due to its famous typical India food. I took a place as service tambhi pointed the table. I ordered for North India thali and was doing some pass time on mobile. Three drunkards in their mid 50s with bottle of rhum in pocket drinking while sitting on next table brought my attention. They were shouting something in their local language and sometimes in French. Neither of them was known to me but i was just guessing what they are talking. One of them was too drunk. Other one was trying to keep him in control. I washed my hands and got refreshed and took my seat again.

Conversation started as they started talking to me in their local language or French. At that time I could't guess exactly what language it was. So was the condition and the way to throw words from mouth with smell of whisky and rhum (Thanks my dinner was not on table!!).

I said politely (its better to be polite with drunkard at first conversation) , "je ne pas parle francaise! (I do not speak French) or the language you are speaking!" . I had habit of speaking phrases in mixed French+English when I don't know what to call it in French.
Other guy who was less drunk, asked me in English,"You speak English"
I said, "Yes, I speak English, Hindi and Marathi and little little French but do not understand French. I am Indian."
Reply,"Oh good! ce bon. We Indian."
I just said, "Good."  Hoping to end the conversation.
Now the drunkard said,"Where from India?"
I: "Bombay, Mumbai , Maharashatra"
drunkard: "Ce bon. I know. bon place. oui"
Little smile and reply, "Good. nice"
Drunkard: You know, king Shivaji of Maharashtra. Great king. Come to Tunjawar in Tamilnadu. Good person and king. Fought with British. bla bla bla (something in Tamil, Telgu or malayalum or French)
Less drunk drunkard: Its nothing. He is drunk too much. no problem. its fine.
I: Yes, Great king. I respect king Shivaji.

Well now, hotel waiter was worrying that drunkards are making me uncomfortable and its causing harm to reputation of hotel. He came asked 3 of them to leave the place. Again, the conversation was in their local language and I had no clue what they are trying to say. Less drunk man spoke to me, my friend is too much drunk. Its OK.

Drunkard was happy to common known and interest from Indian.
He said, "Jai Shivaji. Great king. He fought with British. I no speak English. I not like British. French is Ok. "
I: "Yes, British did lot of bad things in India... bla bla .. Shivaji is great!"

Waiter was bringing my dinner and i had stop further talking with drunkards. Anyways, Tambi (the waiter) came in and pulling drunkards to gate. He had to do it to save reputation of place.
I said,"Merci, Au revoir." (Thanks, good bye)
Drunkard was just shouting,"Its no problem. Our friend Shivaji. Jai Shivaji !! bla bla"

I waved my hand while the leaving from main door to good bye.

Its just coincidence but few kings made great impacts on society. Well, Tanjavor was never a home land of king but he ruled the province with equal respect as to his home place. Thats makes the great kings. Shivaji was never called himself a Ruler or dictator. He was kind of people. People loved him and they were ready to dye for him! That was Maratha Kingdom! But as Indian kings keep on fighting with each other and leading to ultimate victory to British Emperor.

I still feel, most worst thing of history of wars was "Battle of Plassey"  ! What a shame was it!

Story or incidence is real but there is no record of what happen and who were those drunkards while shouting "Jai Shivaji!"


  1. Shivaji Maharaj-the bravest king d world ever seen and d perfect human d almighty ever produced....
    jay bhavani jay shivaji

  2. The great article...salute to you my friend...French respects Marathas.....

  3. good job dada...keep it up.....god bless you.

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