Monday, June 11, 2012

How access in India when court has blocked it?

As internet user I value freedom of speech, expression and sharing. India - country where caste is basis of politics and all working things. We have to have such freedom in living. Its very much expressed since Anna Hazare's andolan with India Against Corruption.

Lets see a specific case where we need freedom to accessing what we want on internet and sharing best of the things over internet/mobile! Recently most of Indian ISPs Internet Service Providers came up idea of blocking all torrent sharing sites for access. I tried to open  and it showed beautiful message,

"This website/URL has been blocked until further notice either pursuant to Court orders or on the Directions issued by the Department of Telecommunications"

Well, matter of fact, I doubt if DoT has really understood the meaning of this. While court and why?
What do you mean by, website or URL?

Forget fighting with India courts or government. Its all waste of time and money. Its well known saying in my mother language. "Smart people don't walk on court steps" , sayings are never exactly translated but meaning makes sense.

Lets come to the point, you can choose either of below solutions:

download this program called u1201 and just double click, it will create proxy server and changes setting in Windows Internet settings --> LAN to and port.
It will also start IE after creation of proxy. You can now browse internet using this external proxy which allows you to access any torrent site.

2. Download and install tor which comes with portable anonymous IP proxy and firfox.  OR read here more onthis

3. Use Jtunnel :  This is wonderful site showing Freedom of Speech.
Jtunnel is java based proxy which allows you to go via this java based proxy server for http, ftp, smtp requests. Its some how not clear, if its keeps anonymousness OR tracks data.
Other good point in using this is, it provides compression for data and images. In fact, you can set image compression ratio to 50% or 80%. Its good thing. As java, it runs smoothly as java application on any operating system. Pls don't expect it to work on native mobile operating systems so soon. But sooner or later on Android and iphone. May be on Symbian if it exist till the time! ;)

4. Use online proxy servers to browse sites you want.

I hardly use 4th option. I preferred to use 3rd, 2nd mostly. It depends on what is need. I feel 1st is handy for Windows, while 2nd and 3rd are cool to work on any OS.

Cheers!! And enjoy your freedom of speech, sharing, browsing and enjoying!!!


  1. Not to mention. It could also be used in your office if Office admin is not that smart ;) !

  2. the best and easiest way to use https:// before '' :) enjoy

  3. well sure. I would have. It was blocked by India ISP and court as i said :)

    Even .se and few more domains.

  4. You can open any site through this just put the url and open it very easily. access any site at school


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