Tuesday, December 23, 2008

But Why???

This is story of my close friend Ramesh – Ramesh Pawar. Real genuine guy with average look, but extra-ordinary way of thinking. Ramesh was one of the talented student with great pro efficiency in languages, especially in English. He was worst in Mathematics, so use to mug up his mathematical calculations, proofs & formulas. He managed to do mug up like anything. We use to call him "Rattu Ramu".
One day evening, he took one A4 page of drawing book and made bold mark labeled with text "But Why?". He was always thinking something. May be about the society, nation, politics, evaluation of languages, why maths is difficult & bla bla bla. I guess, we were not enough mature to understand him or he was extra matured, God knows! My bed was across to his bed, so I just saw his board & asked him why you made this thing. What is your attitude about this message?. He explained briefly, "Its very valid answer to any answer OR question". I was surprised. But if you think for a while you 'll agree to this. It looks insane to think by "But Why?". Ultimately, you'll end up with its question whether to live or die?
Psychologically he was one one of the strong candidate in our team. But some where down the line he was distracted from bottom of heart. May be, he was not aware of fact of living. We use to lengthy discussions on philosophy & how things should be. Be it a political affair or minor natural behavior of mosquito. We always to crack the magic behind the screen. We were classmates so, seen each other growing for 7 years. Major time of transaction between young man to adult is major to make difference in your thinking and makes a vivid mark in mind. This was what had happened with him.
He lost the track of education. Eventually, he joined some teaching institude to work as assistant & minor office work. I met him in person for after 2nd year of engineering degree. He was same Ramesh, as it was before 2 year. Mingled in questions of Physics and Biology. Mathematic was never close him. He use to discuss same old questions of grade XII th. I keep on meeting him for next 2 year. He keeps on changing but in wrong direction. He was never been close to reality. He was in love with a lady 3-4 year older than him. In fact, she was a teacher in same institute. They came close & finally they got to close it. Affair was inter cast & would have never accepted by society & thier parents.
Ramesh was totally out of living. I lost keeping track on him. Neven been able to call him regularly. It was 4 O'clock morning, my mobile banged; I was in deep sleep. The man calling me was Ramesh's boss. He asked me, Whether I've any idea about Ramesh? I had eloped from institute with some money & other stuff. I suggested him to call at his home. I had no idea.

After 2 year, one of friend; Purbha Zamre called me. This guy was doing his MBBS degree from last 6 year. He had great plans, but no time to accomplish them. Purbha said. "Tipale, you know; I met Ramesh last evening. He has shifted to this place. He started his own business.". I was glad to know it. Was happy to see Ramesh is going on some stable & right track. I asked Purbha to bring him on call. He accepted. They were meeting after 2-3 days. Purbha called me. I knew, I'll be able to talk with Ramesh. But, this Ramesh was not like my friend Ramesh. He was changed. More business oriented, focused on target to get money for livelihood. Thinking was very matured. I was surprised to know it. But it was just an another story to direct us on wrong way.
After six months, I got the news from my friend Gaju Bokhare. Its was shocking news, "Ramesh did suicide at his home. He hanged himself" A drop of tear came to on eyelids. I never understood this guy. Puzzle of "But Why?" was not suppose to end up in this manner. Its was too coward way to face such huge question !!!
I made a painting in Ramesh's memories. The painting only had text lable "But Why?" in bold red color !

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