Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My Teachers !!

ASN Murthy sir:

I was most inspired by ASN sir in my life. As his bahaviour, rules, discipline indicates he has army school background. In fact he was physics teacher in some Army school. He was our principal so was most respected person in school. His values & level of thought was always inspiring for us.
The guy in late 40s was always full of enthuse & inspiration for others. Matter of fact I too got vital experience of his strict nature 2-3 times in college era. Once I was caught for taking sugar-canes from nearby farms. Our princy gave me 2 slaps and told not to repeat such things again in life… So, I never did it in such sloppy way. I did it many times later but with great care not to get caught. There is great saying, “Do whatever u want but never get caught in crime of it if what u r doing is got goodness of anybody”. Usually “anybody” use to be myself. Later on in school days I was more sincere towards studies & discipline.
His kids Chaitanya & Siddhardh were good friends of us. They were never been like princy’s kids. Late on, we came to know princy got transferred. We were very tense on that, as we were losing one of good teacher. Being class X students, were more responsible to changes in school. I use to keep in touch with Chaitanya now a days. Princy is doing well in one of Andhapradesh JNV school. Best luck.

M S Sheikh :

Die heard fan of Biology. Bio was at his heart. He always wished every student should become doctor or medical expert. We always make sure he thinks we are also interested in Biology stuff. I still remember the day he demonstrated mice & frog dissection. He shown the testis & male reproductive system is inside body of frog. I saw, heart beat was still on. I never forget he killed a frog & mice in two practical. He was vice princy of our school.

Ashok Sali :

Last princy when I passed out the school. We nick named him as Mendeleev. Name was coined from Mendileevs’ periodic table. Guy was short & fatty, sorry to say sir. I did well in Chemistry which made my classmates to nick name me Mendileev. Sali sir‘s interest in art was discovered when he started writing painted “good thoughts” on walls of school building. I helped him a lot in the process. He was hard worker who earned for basic living & learing in his childhood. Infact he did small job related to painting & art. We shared good amount of thoughts in school. That was good pastime we had in common. I still remember his cute daughter. She was so cute & small. He had habit of saying “isn’t it?” I had counted in one of his lecture. It was 73 times in period of 1 hour, that was very good score.

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