Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My JNV School batch till 12th Science!

I just want to name of school batch mates name with their nick name, lets see how many I remembered.
My School top view Thanks to GMap

1. Mahendra Tipale (me)
2. Balasaheb Darade (Balya)
3. Rameshwar Rakhlawe. - (No more)
4. Murlidhar Shide. (murali)
5. Gajanan Kachgunde (Pahelwan)
6. Gajanan Kamble (Chota Kamble)
7. Gajanan Bokhare. (Gajya 1)
8. Gajanan Delmade (dillan)
9. Gajendra Jogdand - Gajya
10. Satish Raut - Satya
11. Rahul Muley – Owl. As R should be silent ;)
12. Sakharam Rede – Redya
13. Jankidas Sugave – Chakkar - Unknown.
14. Tukaram Waghmare – Tukya (No more)
15. Manohar Zate
16. Shashikant Magar. - Sashi.

Only girls in our batch
16. Apeksha Dhoke
17. Sapna Rathi
18. Jyoti Kadam
19. Vinita Bhayekar

…. I might have missed some. It’s my class 12 th Science batch @ JNV, Basmathnagar

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  1. Don't know how many of above have checked this ?

  2. manohar zate has checked several times

  3. Really i miss to those all my classmates , friends n the DAY..........

  4. Thanks Manohar... Dr. Zate ;)

    Join us in our next 4th meet! You'll be invited.

    Jadhav sir vicharat hote tula...:P

  5. Sashikant Magar ismissing


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